WordPress App Review for iPad

This is my first blog post from the WordPress app for iPad (version 2.7.2) I’m seeing horrible ratings from users for freezing and the inability to include HTML through a visual editor. I agree with these complaints. The truth is that WordPress published this app prematurely.

I’m more annoyed that uploading a picture (removed) automatically published this blog post. I wasn’t certain I was going to publish a post but rather wanted to test the app for usability. I wanted to find another reason to use my iPad but unfortunately Automattic rushed this release.

Trying to save images on the iPad still has me stumped. When I click them to saved, they’re saved. But I’m not sure where to find them to upload to my blog. This may be the limitation of the WordPress app or the iPad. I’m not sure yet which.

There is absolutely no control over image, file, post, or publishing management on this app. Not yet at least. Hopefully this app will get updated quickly and often to include the critical features of the basic blogging needs.

I like that I can quickly pull up recent comments for approval but greater control over editing and deletion, spam assignment, etc. would be nice.

Artist Profile: Ray Schloss

It’s been months since my last post because I’ve been struggling with what to write; how to start again. Today, I stumbled onto a site while looking for art supplies and I just had to share this art with you.

His name is Ray Schloss and his paintings have moved me.



Iona Open Sky

Iona Open Sky

Fluidity 2

Fluidity 2

On Approach

On Approach


FavFollow Twitter Meme Announcement

What is FavFollow?

We all have our own network on Twitter and although there is overlap it’s difficult to know which friends-of-friends to follow. This allows us to share our favorite Rockstar Twits with our network.

For example: I can tell you about the Rockstars I follow and why I appreciate them so much.

What this is not:

  • This is not a contest
  • There are no votes
  • There is no deadline
  • There is no pandering
  • There are no expectations

Why FavFollow?

For many, Twitter has gotten to the point where we follow more people than we can possible *listen* to. How do we handle this? Some use software like TweetDeck to create groups and others follow everyone on the web and send their favorites to their mobile; keeping in touch only through sms. On occasion we all check into Twitter Search but that information doesn’t come to us.

How do I participate?

I suggest we use the tag: #favfollow, and a few standards, to make it easy to promote our Rockstar twits.


  • use hash tag #favfollow
  • mention the person to follow: @ashbuckles
  • tell your network why they’re a Rockstar twit in your mind
  • include things they tweet so we know what to expect from them
  • maybe include their frequency; scale 1 (low) to 10 (high)
  • maybe include the mood of their feed (e.g. sarcastic, funny, serious, safe [work/family], unsafe)
  • WARNING: don’t start your tweet with the person’s name or some people in your network will not receive your tweet.

Example tweet: #favfollow @ashbuckles Very passionate about Twitter. Offers advice on marketing. Shares links on WordPress, SEO, Promotions. Freq=7/10.

Who is involved in this?

Anyone. Everyone. But seriously I like to think that I, Ash Buckles, came up with this all by myself because I’m just that good.

Disclosure: I didn’t do any research to verify the above statement; mostly because I’m lazy.

Comment below with additional suggestions and feedback. Let’s make this about all of us!

Please use the link below to retweet this post. Much appreciated!

**Not to be consfused with: favefollow, fav follow or fave follow.

41 Series Paintings

These paintings have been a couple months in progress as I’ve played with some different ideas and tested many techniques to get what I wanted here. This project also gave me the chance to begin my Ustream feed and get familiar with live streaming.

I’m currently working on a couple of variations because of where these techniques took me and I hope to include those in my next live art show.

Each of these are 12 x 12 inches.