How To Keep Your Writing Fresh and Creative

Writing is a huge part of blogging but keeping motivated is a lost cause. Looking through several websites for tips on how to beat writers block and best websites for writers, we see so many repetitive ideas we already know. Just this week we heard from ProBlogger on this same issue, less than 24 hours after I started this draft.

On StumbleUpon, I’ve been finding some really cool sites that help to keep writing interesting and I decided to share them with you here.

One idea is – It’s a little weird in it’s functionality but a cool idea that can help spark an idea. Once you figure out how the clicking works you’ll be greeted with several rhyming words to complete your sentence or poem.

Besides the pencil sharpener that reminds me of elementary school it gets you in a rhyming mood, which is fun and productive.

Another site is – This site is great for keeping you writing even when you have nothing to say. You can read short posts from others and roll with the words without having “your” story in mind.

Keep in mind that this site seems to be an experiment in social community and technology and not so much a true writing resource. However, don’t let this keep you from finding the inspiration you need to unblock your mind.

The next site is – This is my favorite so far because it gives you one word and 60 seconds to write your most interesting piece. It’s like that lame exercise in English class where your teacher asks you to write for two minutes straight without stopping; even if you can’t write intelligible sentences. Yeah, that one. But what’s great about it for writing is that you can’t out-think your writing and keep yourself from getting going again.

Something else I’ve found to be interesting, right or wrong, is to write a post and save it as a draft. After a few days, re-write the post without referencing your first draft and see if you have anything new to say. This has worked well for me in remembering to add everything I intended as well as ensuring that I’ve completed my thoughts.

Whatever you decide, find something that works for now and forget about it. Then next time, find something for that moment and work with it. The rut we get into comes from trying to force writing and doing so in a direction that we think it should go.

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